we are the rebel cult.

Meet the artists.



A rumored witch and fearless natural-born leader, Michelle is a multi-faceted creator and storyteller. A published novelist, visual artist and scholar, Michelle's focus on art history, theology, and medieval literature nurtured her fascination with the arts, transforming her childhood passions into a life-long, pursuable career-path. Originally from Massachusetts, she strives to bottle the magic of New England and spread a little wherever she goes.

And thus, spilt from her skull after a period of insatiable ideas, writer's block, and dead-ends, Michelle created OTHER. Magazine as a means to congregate with Orlando creatives. What resulted was an effort to build something that filled the modern-void torn by normalcy, complacency, and stagnancy in an artist's life. As a result, her personal ventures have changed shape in a dedicated mission to bring community and blissful collaboration to those like herself: evolving people whom value the preservation and continuation of the fine arts.

see her work here.


A transplanted New-Yorker, Alux is an Orlando-based Photographer and Graphic Designer. She is the heart and spine of OTHER. Magazine, quickly joining forces with our founder and creator to execute (may we say, beautifully) the initial drafts of OTHER. into consumable being.

Known for her innate artistic vision and envy-inducing likability, her whims have taken her all over the world. Capturing the hidden essence of the people, places, and things she photographs, her incredible translations of imaginative beginnings into tangible visuals have made her a driving force for our mission. 

See Her work here.




high-fashion, personified; complete with faux fur and the perfect red lip, karina walked through the doors of one of our favorite neighborhood coffee shops, thus changing our lives forever. a photographer, model, and creative director, she completed the holy female trinity of our collective, bringing a fresh eye and wishing-well of ideas for issue two. 

a guru with editing, we immediately spotted her ability to style, capture, and complete an image in a way that would bring our content to the next level. this woman can make anything beautiful, perplexing, and overflowing with an intangible effortlessness that makes her an incredible asset to our team. from conceptualizing to executing our ideas full throttle, she has pushed this creative collective to a metamorphosis of epic proportions. 

see her work here.


Collector of culture, knowledge, and beauty, Kyle is a Texas-born, Florida-dwelling graphic designer, photographer, and Cloud Security Analyst. He refers to himself as a "master of none," but we beg to differ. His minimal, yet personal style has helped curate a look and feel for OTHER., offering a clean, immersive vibe that draws on a variety of disciplines and movements.

As an advisor for translating OTHER.'s mission, Kyle pairs his technical background with his artistic considerations to achieve stunning results for our brand development.  His impeccable eye has helped achieve unique and defining visuals for our narratives, and his adaptability has saved our asses more than once.