i. Fairy Fodder

i. Fairy Fodder


Print release of our premiere issue, i. Fairy Fodder, Autumn.17

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We provide a clear, resealable sleeve to preserve your magazine to be enjoyed for many years to come. Our magazine is printed using 100 lb. gloss text and a 100 lb. coated cover for a substantial and enjoyable feel that will endure its pages being flipped again and again. Perfect bound and hand-packaged by our team, we take pride in preparing each and every order with time, care, and attention to detail.  


Your copy of our Autumn 2017 edition will be delivered to your desired destination via USPS ground services.


Our first edition, entitled, "Fairy Fodder" explores female characters across folklore, mythology and scripture. These figures are those who defy, redefine, and shape the meaning of femininity throughout history, sparking a need to revisit their impact on the nature of womanhood.