OTHER., affectionately referred to as "the misfit magazine," is a biannual print and digital publication based out of Orlando, Florida. Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Athena Norton, founded this project in an effort to create a platform that would stray from the mainstream; a place where the alternative, rebellious nature of the emerging generation of artists could thrive. She noticed something missing in Central Florida; the minds she wanted to pry open were scattered around the globe, lingering in coffee shops and seemingly unproductive dwellings, many without a publication that would take their work seriously. here, We see the value in the unusual; the unconventional; the dangerously formed. We know the character flaws of the artist because we are like you; struggling with an often nonexistent ability to network, establish strong bonds, and find a place for our creations to be seen, consumed, and shared. here you can find a home, a place to share your work, and a community that will honor your otherness.